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Kobra: Kali Yuga

Kobra: Kali Yuga
Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 1Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 2Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 3Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 4Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 5Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 6Kobra: Kali Yuga - view 7

Ref: batbox009

Kobra: Kali Yuga..Through a combination of rigorous training, Blood Magic, and advanced tech, the cult known as Kobra uses covert operations to launch terror attacks across the globe. Their aim is nothing short of sweeping aside the imperfect world, and heralding in a new dawn in their own image.

The Kobra Bat-Box contains a complete Cult Crew of 11 finely detailed resin miniatures, equipment cards, a unique Kobra Bomb Objective, Kobra scenario, and a set of Quickstart rules. In addition, this box includes the new Faith rules, bringing the power of zealot cults to the Batman Miniature Game for the first time.

Price: 78.95

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